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Monday, March 7, 2011

Irish Crochet. Free video lessons on Youtube from Victoria Isakina

These lessons are in Russian, but verbal instructions are not really necessary.


  1. Unfortunately, when you follow the link it says the video is private.

  2. I am sorry, this post is old, she changed it. Nothing I can do unfortunately. I'll make my own soon.

    1. Hello! I love these lace and I'm trying to run them. The flowers and leaves me out well but the network that holds them together ... help! I want to see the video above, but also in me says it's a private video. Please, can you put it again? thank you so much. (I hope that the translation is clear, I used google translate)

    2. Cinzia, I am so ashamed that I didn't see your question before! It wasn't my lesson, so I can't put it there again. I know many crochet masters sell their tutorials now instead of giving them for free. This is the case, I guess. I support that and think it must be that way. These are unique skills and people have to be able to sell them. You can find a picture on the right side of my blog with Irish Crochet Lab. My friend runs this web-site. They just started, so they don't have much, but I am sure it's just a matter of time she will have a lot. In fact I am going to participate as well in making patterns and tutorials. For now you can find an irregular net tutorial in pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.407734849286000.90573.381720065220812&type=3
      Never hesitate to kick me again if I didn't answer your question!

  3. Hi Natalia...your work is very neat and flawless........seeing your dresses i fell in love with Irish crochet.....it's too good.....

  4. Breathtakingly beautiful and I am talking about YOUR work! I also have fallen in love with Irish Crochet (after finding your blog). Very sad to see the Irish Crochet Lab is not open for purchasing the classes. (sadface)!

    I had a few questions though; how do you make the lining?, also any suggestions on reading the diagrams regarding how to construct them? I'm not exactly size 2-8 (blushing). Anyway I am very happy to find this blog, the photography is crystal clear and just beautiful. Thanks for all that you share with us also liked your Facebook!

    1. Dear BahaQueen, my friend runs that web-site an she just started, so she will have more, they are working on that right now and every day. :) In fact she asked me to come aboard and I will when I have time. Right now I am moving to another country for one year, so it's a lot on my shoulders.
      Doesn't matter what size you are, you just have to make calculation. Sometimes it's not easy in crochet, I agree, because of connecting different patterns and they might have (and usually the do) different number of stitches to repeat.
      Feel free to contact me! And check Irish Crochet Lab regularly. :)