Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hairpin Crochet Top from Zara.

Hi, I am back from my vacation. I didn't have much time for crocheting this summer. :))
I will start with this top from Zara which I find interesting, yet not very flattering for a woman body.

Made out of some synthetic yarn:

Happy crocheting, my friends! Soon I will be torturing you with a ton of pictures I made over my trip!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crochet heals.

Kathryn Vercillo is the author of Crochet Saved My Life, a book about the craft’s health benefits. In the book she shares her own story of crocheting to heal from chronic depression. In addition, she aggregates the available research into crafting to heal.

Kathryn asked me to spread a word about her survey. Let's help Kathryn and take a few minutes to complete it! Thank you!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Natalia Kononova Photography: Hiking at Cape May, NJ Lighthouse Park.

:) A few pictures from last Sunday at my photography blog.

Natalia Kononova Photography: Hiking at Cape May, NJ Lighthouse Park.: American Oyster-catcher. Yo the lighthouse.

Free notes and charts for crochet long vest.

Hi everybody,
Summer is in full spin and I am going to travel for a month. I am not sure how often I will post if at all.
I wish you have a great summer, not so many projects done :), because it's time to drop our hooks and get out of the house for new adventures. I am going to Russia to see my family.
I've been sending my charts and notes for this vest from Boston Proper for a while, as many of you might know.
Here is the original post.
Another one with pictures.
I want to go further and post the charts here.


My squares:

I made these charts 3 years ago, so they look odd to me, I changed my style, but I hope they are easy to understand. 
Full square:

Partial square:

Stars row:

This is not a complete pattern. There is a lot to figure out by yourself. I am just sharing notes I made in the process. Good luck!

Size Medium - Large (Bust 36-38'', 92-97 cm) .
#5 cotton thread, hook 2 mm.

Down part of the vest (squares):
Make 6 squares wide and 4 squares high (upper left and upper right squares are partial.)
Connecting squares:
When you have 3 ready squares, make 4th one to the point of ch6 of long arc at the corner of 4th square to connect. So ch6, Insert hook in 3 long arcs of others 3 squares (counting them counterclockwise), yarn over (yo), pull yarn through those 3 arcs, yo, pull yarn through second loop you have on the hook, yo, pull yarn through one loop you have on the hook, 5 ch, finish the square by following the diagram.

It takes about 1 and 3/4 squares wide for each front part, the rest is back.
Upper part of vest: (going from "squares" part up.
ROW1 :
for front: dc62
for back dc121
for front dc62
= 245 st

Right front part. Working from 62 stitches of right front part:
5 stars for each side (1 partial) , 10 stars for the back = 20 stars
Start from armpit.
Connect in every 6th dc.
The last star is missing one beam, to decrease. Connect 3rd beam of this last star by tr to the last dc.

ROW3:Ch 5, instead of every 6th chain stitch make 1 dc and connect 2 beams of neighboring stars at the same time = (55 stitches above 5 stars) plus 12 ch for a sleeve.
ROW4: dc 67
ROW5: mesh: 5 ch, sc in every 4th dc, except first arc (connect first arc in second dc - to make smooth decrease) = 17 arcs.
ROW6: mesh, decrease 1/2 arc
ROW7: mesh, decrease 1/2 arc
ROW8: dcs
ROW9: 5 stars, connect last one at the neck line in 8th dc from the edge by tr.
ROW10: ch sts
ROW11: dcs
ROW12: mesh, first arc at the neck line in 3rd dc from the edge, the rest in every 4th.
ROW13: mesh, do not decrease
ROW14: mesh, do not decrease.
ROW15: dcs
ROW15: stars
ROW16: dcs = 62
ROW17: mesh
ROW18: mesh 2/3 ( to make smooth shoulder)
ROW19: mesh 1/3

Left front part: the same as right.

121 dc.
Make 10 stars in first row,
2 row: add 12 ch on every side (sleeves) = 145 ch (121 + 12+ 12) (connect with all stars while doing this row by dc instead of every 6th stitch)
3 row: 145 dc . We need 61 dc for every shoulder + 46 for the neck hole = 170 dc. So, increase 25 sts from 4th to 16th rowsat some points.
ROWS 4,5,6 - mesh
ROW7: dcs
ROW8: 13 stars
ROW9: ch sts
ROW10: dcs
ROWS 11,12,13: mesh
ROW14: dcs
ROW15: 14 stars
ROW17: mesh, connect with front shoulders while crocheting (I connected 5 arcs)
ROW18: mesh, connect with front next 5 arcs from the edge.
ROW19: mesh, connect the rest of shoulders, leaving neck hole.

Connect sleeves at the armpit by making a net somehow :)
Then make the edge around all edges of the vest. (I made *5 dc in one stitch, skip 3 ch, sc, sc, skip 3 ch*, repeat from * to *
I hope it will help.

My vest:


Happy summer, my friends!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crochet Top from Eternal Sunshine Creations. Free pattern/written instructions for motifs.

I've noticed that Sunshine Creations has many garments made with these motifs.
They are simple, yet look stunning.
If you decide to recreate this top, here are written instruction I made for the motifs:

ch - chain stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
tr - treble crochet
st - stitch
sl st - slip stitch
rnd - round
beg - beginning
[ ] - repeat within
p - picot
p3-5-3 - 3 picot stitches, one after another: first make 3chain picot: ch3, sl st in first ch, then 5ch picot: ch5, sl st in first ch, then 3ch picot again, then sl st in last dc.
connecting p3-5-3   -  while making 5ch picot: ch2, sc in center of corresponding 5 ch picot of adjacent motif, ch2, sl st in first ch.

Big motif:
Ch6, connect into a ring by sl st in first ch.
Rnd1:  Ch5 (ch4 counts as first tr), tr in center of ring, ch, [tr in center of ring, ch] 13 times, sl st in 4th ch of beg ch5. = 14 trs in the ring.
Rnd2: Ch3 (counts as first dc), dc2 in next 1 ch space, [dc3 in next 1 ch space] 13 times, sl st in first dc.
Rnd3: Ch, sc, [ch5, skip 1 st, sc] 19 times, but skip 2 stitches 2 times in order to make 20 arcs instead of 21, for example on first and 10th arcs. Ch2, dc in first sc.
Rnd4: Ch, sc, [ch5, sc in next ch5 arc] 19 times, ch2, dc in first sc.
Rnd5: Ch4, [in next ch5 arc: dc2, p3-5-3, dc] 19 times, dc2 in next (first) ch5 arc, p3-5-3, sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch4.

Connect motifs as you go by connecting three 5 chain picots, skip two 5 ch picots.

Small motif connects 4 big ones in the middle by skipped two 5 ch picots.
Small motif:
Ch6, connect into a ring by sl st in first ch.
Rnd1: Ch3 (first dc), dc15 in center of ring, sl st in first dc.
Rnd2: connect to first motif: ch3 (first dc), connecting p3-5-3, dc, dc, connecting p3-5-3, dc, [connect to next motif: ch, dc, connecting p3-5-3, dc2, connecting p3-5-3, dc] 3 times, ch, sl st in first dc.

Happy crocheting and good luck with your projects!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Flowers for you...

from my window.. :)))

Happy crocheting, my friends.
Summer will be challenging to post new stuff. I am going away for a month at the end of June and probably won't have so much time to post. I'll try my best while I am still here.