Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Some pictures I've processed recently (they all from Russia trip):

New Project. Swing Crochet Pink Top.

I am trying to have more patterns for Easy Skill Level. This top is one of them. It would took me 3-4 days to make, though I spent a decent amount of time figuring and constructing the template.
I need a couple of days to complete the pattern, but it will be available (don't hate me) when I have a work permit. Yes, old story... I am tired of that more than anybody else.
Summer is over, but there is another one coming.
This top is very American teenager style I would say, but it doesn't mean we can't wear it. If one has some extras at the waist level, this top does a good job hiding them. :) I felt 16 when I put it on yesterday. :))
The back and front of the top are absolutely identical.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Project. Crochet Turquoise Maxi Dress.

Well, the pattern is the same as the cover up at my header, I just did a bit of math to make it longer.
I absolutely love the dress, it's amazing. The color is my favorite, it's peacock in Aunt Lidia's color line, but it's turquoise to put it simpler.
Thread #10, hook 1.8 mm, which I always use for #10 thread.
It was overcast yesterday so I grabbed my tripod and camera and found that lovely old tree in the neighborhood to take some selfies.
I started the dress in June, left for the whole month while I was in Russia, then finished when I got back.
It will be hard to part with the dress, but I will be selling it since I can't think of an occasion to wear my beauty.
All August we've been camping at Cape May, a shore town in New Jersey. Every day we would see a wedding or two happening at the beach. I couldn't help but thinking that if I had a reception at the beach I would wear this sea color dress for the special day. :)
The color at the pictures is not true, it's between blue and green in reality.

Happy crocheting, my friends!