Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crochet Poncho.

Fall Pictures.

Why I am aching all over today? I played tennis yesterday and later went to the park to take some pictures. I decided that hiking trail is not for me and went rock-hopping alone the creek. Water level was very low, so I was able to do that. At some point I couldn't go any further because of the high banks so I had to climb up quite a bit.
I am exhausted today, but edited some pictures from the hike and it is worth it. It's raining here, in Pennsylvania, today and seems like yesterday was the last nice day to take foliage pictures. Besides, water will be much higher after a few days of rain.
I hope you enjoy them:

New small projects. Crochet jewelry.

I like to make these linen crochet cuffs and necklaces. They are so comfortable to wear and they are fast projects, the value that we all consider! :)
A couple of new ones:

Happy crocheting, my dear friends!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall will be short.

I think it takes two weeks for the colors abundance to disappear in winter colorless season.
It just started, but will pass so quickly! Drop your hooks, ladies and let's go for a walk!

This fella was so patient until I got really bold shoving my camera in his face and he jumped away. ;)

Last trip to the beach. :(

Trips to the beach are closely related to my crochet since it takes 2 hours to get there and I crochet all that time in the car and it's my favorite place to work on my projects. Last Tuesday I think was the last time in this season we went to the beach. :(

Happy crocheting, my friends!